SILVER BAR HOOP EARRINGS > mint/beige fade

$18 $24

These simple and beautiful hoop earrings feature a single organic shaped polymer clay drop on a 25mm stainless steel wire hoop. One tiny silver bar gives these hoops an elegant finish.

Please be gentle with these earrings, as they are quite delicate. The wire will bend if you are too rough with them. Simply bend them back into a round shape if they get slightly misshapen.


* All polymer clay earrings are made individually by hand, therefore marks may appear on the clay such as slight indentations or finger prints - these characteristics show that each piece is uniquely handmade.

* Due to variations in some computer/device screens, some colours may vary slightly. Every attempt has been made to show the colours as accurately as possible.

* Flat Rate Shipping is $9.20. Express Post Shipping is $12.20.